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Better for your body

and the planet

In an industry built on disposability, we’re doing things differently. More sustainable, more responsible, more thoughtful.

Green suppliers
Independently tested
Planet Friendly

Sustainability beyond buzz-words

For us, sustainability isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s built into the way we work, the way we design our products and the values we operate by.

Make things differently

Materials, processes, suppliers – there’s always a better alternative if you take the time to look for it. We use plant-based, degradable materials and focus on reducing our footprint at every stage.

Make eco-friendly accessible

Sustainable often means more expensive. We believe that making the sustainable choice should be affordable for everyone, so our products are priced that way.

Make progress, not perfection

We’re honest about what we’ve achieved and what we’re still working on. But we believe any step towards sustainability – however small – is a step worth taking and celebrating.

What we’re up against

So-called ‘feminine hygiene’ products are a major issue for the planet, generating hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste every year.

Full of chemicals

Most pads and liners are made of 90% plastic and many also contain harmful chemicals and petrochemical additives. Harmful both to the environment, and women’s bodies.

Left to landfill

Because conventional pads and liners aren’t designed to be reused or composted, they end up in landfill and in our water system. They also block sewers, costing millions of pounds every year.

600 years in the un-making

There’s no such thing as ‘throwing away’ a pad or liner. Every single sanitary or incontinence pad you’ve ever used is still on the planet somewhere – some take up to 600 years to break down.

What we’re doing about it

From our processes to our packaging, we’re finding a better way.

Materials with less impact

Eco-friendly materials and plant-based alternatives to plastic:

BambooCotton might be soft, but it has an high footprint. We use bamboo instead – a plant that grows quickly with less water and no pesticides.
Recycled Wood WasteOur wood pulp comes from SFI regulated forests, where our supplier plants 140-150 million trees every year and reuses or recycles 99% of all waste.

Suppliers that care

We only work with manufacturers whose processes and beliefs match ours:

Efficiency at every stageWe use leftover or waste materials where possible and take time to investigate the most efficient methods before starting production.
Renewable energyOur US factory generates its own energy and has a zero-waste, lean manufacturing policy. Productivity and the road to sustainability.
Solvent freeOur world-class bladder care supplement manufacturer is a ‘no-solvent’ facility and sets the gold standard for safety and quality.

Sustainable inside and out

We make sure every detail – from our packaging to the pads has been considered with the planet in mind.

Every layer of our pads is plant-based
Wrapper made from corn starch
Wrappers are 100% compostable
Friendly to the planet
Biodegradable boxes
50% less glue to stick our packaging

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Everyday Pads

Ultra-thin, super-soft and fully-compostable. For medium leaks and trickles.

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All-day Liners

Odour-free, scrunch-free, worry-free. For the occasional sneeze or laughter-leak.

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Clinically proven to improve bladder strength, day and night.

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