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Leak-Proof Pants

Absorbs 8 teaspoons
In under 3 secs

Fast-absorbing, washable, leak-proof knickers

Not your usual incontinence pants. Jude’s knickers are designed to hold 8 teaspoons of urine. Get on with your day feeling secure, dry and odour-free.

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“While I was out today, I completely forgot about my leaks. When I got home six hours later, I realised how relaxed I had felt all day. These leak-proof knickers are so comfortable, I feel dry and there's no smell!”Review from Jude Community Member

Our pants at a glance

  • Absorbs leaks in 1-3 seconds

  • Absorbs 8 teaspoons of urine = 40ml

  • Waterproof seams prevent side leaks

  • Feathery soft, breathable and odour neutralising

  • Machine washable

More about the product

Fast-absorbing, washable, leak-proof knickers

Not your usual incontinence pants. Jude’s knickers are designed to hold 8 teaspoons of urine. Get on with your day feeling secure, dry and odour-free.

Discreet delivery
Designed for urine leaks
Co-created with our community
Natural, sustainable materials

Get on with what you love

Absorbs leaks fast

From wet to dry in just 3 seconds. Absorbs 8 teaspoons of liquid.

Feather-soft feel

TENCEL (TM) is soft, sustainable, with anti-microbial properties to stop odour

Secure seams

Waterproof, secure seams prevent side leaks and give peace of mind

Wash from 40℃

Long lasting, machine washable


3mm thin gusset that's so comfortable, it's like you aren't wearing anything

And more...

Our reviews speak for themselves

Not your usual incontinence pants

Jude’s Leak-Proof incontinence pants have been tested by our community and are designed to hold 8 tsp (40ml) of liquid & absorb in 1-3 seconds.

You'll forget you're even wearing them!

Unique 3 layer gusset offers protection from leaks

What powers our great-looking underwear is the unique gusset and waterproof seams

Super dry, soft top layerPerfectly designed for leaks
Fully absorbent coreAbsorbs 8 tsp of urine in just 3 secs
Anti-microbial waterproof layer Prevents side leaks and combats odour

Feel confident and secure all day

Underwear that is made to last, whatever your plans


Wear, wash, repeat

Our underwear is machine washable. Whether you wear them for exercising, work, or socialising , you'll forget you are even wearing them.


Discreet, thin and comfortably secure

Whether you wear them under yoga pants or a skirt, our underwear is super discreet and ultra thin whatever you choose.

The magic of TENCEL™

We use TENCEL™ because it's feather-soft, super absorbent and sustainably sourced.

Made from beech trees

Production process uses 20% less water to minimise water pollution and emissions, in comparison to cotton.

Sustainably sourced

Sourced from sustainable beach tree farms in Austria, and fully traceable back to source.


Certified to carry no harmful chemicals - meaning it's kind to your skin and the planet.

Better for your purse and the planet

Our underwear is more cost effective than your standard pads

Cost per year

Each pair of our underwear saves your purse up to £14 over its lifetime





Landfill impact

Kinder to the planet - reducing waste to landfill by nearly 15kg.





Better performance versus pads

Our underwear is perfectly designed for the fast flow of urine, and fights odour and bacteria.

3 layer gusset easily manages urine flowAbsorbs the fast flow of urine and dries in just 3 seconds
Secure seam protectionWaterproof, comfortable seams that prevent side leaks
Prevents embarrassing odour Our unique gusset neutralises odour and bacteria

“Jude underwear is made for incontinence. Keeping you clean, bacteria free and comfortable during daily activities.”

says Dr Masarat Jilani, Genito-Urinary Specialist

Ready to give them a go?

Our community loves our underwear, and we think you will too.

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All your questions answered

And if they’re not, take a look at our FAQs

Who are they for?

They’re designed for women with bladder weakness who experience light to medium leaks. A light or medium leak is around 8 teaspoons of urine which is equal to 40ml.

If you're tired of feeling like other products don't provide you with the support you need, or the confidence to enjoy your day carefree, our leak-proof pants could just be for you!

How long will they last?

To get the best from your leak-proof pants, please ensure you follow the key washing instructions! ( it really does affect how long they will last)

If you do, they will last 2 years for general use and keep there absorbency efficacy - A more sustainable and longer lasting solution, to managing your leaks!

What sizes do Jude leak-proof pants come in?

Our sizes range from size S-3XL.

If your size isn't in this range, then please reach out to the team - This will help to keep improving our products and ensure our range is inclusive of all.

Why don’t I just use my regular period pants instead?

Jude leak-proof pants are designed specifically to absorb urine. They have been tried and tested with real women of all dress sizes and reviewed by our in house medical experts who specialise in bladder conditions and incontinence.

 Other brands have pants that absorb blood and urine combined but ours are the only product that have a unique three layer gusset to ensure effective absorption of urine.

Period pants just don't cut the mustard when it comes to urine!

How do I wash Jude leak-proof pants?

Washing our pants is easy!

Firstly, pre-rinse the urine out of the underwear. Then place the pants in your machine and select ‘cold delicate wash’. Avoid using fabric conditioner (it will affect the absorbency right when you'll need it!) Line dry outside or in a humidity-free environment. Finally, never iron or tumble dry our pants!

How do I know if it’s time to change them?

Look at the side seam of the gusset and feel if it is wet.  Over time, you’ll start to get a sense of your leaks and how long you can wear our pants for. If you’re new to wearing our pants, we recommend bringing an extra pair along and changing sooner rather than later.

Your leak-proof pants can absorb 8tsp of urine in just 3 seconds this is equal to 40ml of liquid.

How do they absorb leaks so effectively?

Jude leak-proof pants have a unique gusset, there are three layers and each layer plays a different part: 

Layer 1 is our super soft and dry top layer- perfectly designed for leaks and feels soft against your skin

Layer 2 is the super absorbent core - holds and retains the leak ensuring nothing touches your skin 

Layer 3 is the waterproof layer-this holds everything in to ensure no-leaks and this is finished off with an antimicrobial layer to reduce odour

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