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Bladder Care Handbook

Totally free
90 pages
Doctor approved

Why this handbook and why bladder care is important?

14 million people in the UK have bladder problems – that’s one in five of us, and one in three women specifically. At Jude we believe the conversation around bladder and pelvic health is well overdue, but stigma and myths surrounding it means many of us don’t know where to start.

We don’t believe poor bladder health has to be a “normal” part of ageing, nor a byproduct of childbirth you should just put up with. We’re here to root for you and your right to lead the life you want to live, starting with this guide!

Totally free
Written by doctors
90 pages
Treatment breakdowns
Practical tips and tricks

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With the help of leading urology specialists, pelvis health experts and over 500 women in our community we put together a comprehensive, accessible guide packed with everything you need to know about bladder health.

Actionable and clinically proven

The Bladder Care Handbook is designed to provide you with actionable, clinically proven ways to improve your bladder health. In our guide you’ll find all sorts of crucial information:

The best foods

What foods to include in your diet to avoid an irritated bladder

Peeing techniques

Proper peeing etiquette (yes, there’s a right and wrong way to pee!)

Leak tips

Practical tips on tackling leaks whether you’re home or on the move

Bladder training

Instructions on how to retrain your bladder

Treatment info

A review of treatments available for bladder leaks

Intimacy tips

How bladder leaks can affect your intimacy and how to help it

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Written by doctors and scientists

Our handbook is all approved information that you can trust

Dr Shahzadi Harper

Menopause specialist, medical influencer, Founder of the Harper Clinic

Andrew Vallance Owen MBE

Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of PHIN and ex Medical Director of BUPA

Professor Leena Pradhan-Nabzdyk

Assistant Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical with extensive experience in health and diabetes

Dr Masarat Jilani

Jude’s resident doctor. A GP registrar who has worked in genito-urinary medicine

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What’s inside?

A sneak peak of what you’ll find in the Bladder Care Handbook…

Getting to know your bladder

How much do you know about bladders, really? If you’re like most of us, the answer is “probably not much.” In this chapter Jude introduces you to the bladder and gives you a 101 on the body’s underdog.

Bladder care everywhere

Beneficial bladder hacks you can seamlessly incorporate into your daily routine, wherever you are – whether that’s the office, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom (wink wink).

Tips and tricks for all kinds of bladders

What’s an overactive bladder? How do you “retrain” your bladder? What are my treatment options? Our doctors walk you through some practical advice on taking charge of your bladder health, from holistic solutions to the medical treatments at your disposal.

A timeline of toilet troubles

It’s a common misconception that bladder problems only arise when you get older, but bladder health truly starts from when you’re a baby and evolves throughout your life. In this chapter we walk you through bladder care through the years and show you that, no, it’s not just “an inevitable part of ageing”.

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