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Meet like-minded women. Hear from healthcare experts. And be the first to try our bladder-care essentials.

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What to expect

It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you live. Join our community and you’ll be made to feel like part of the family.

Make friends

Meet friendly and supportive women going through the same body and life changes as you.

Share experiences

Ever felt like you’re the only one going through something? There’s no such thing as a taboo here, so ask away.

Learn with experts

Our doctors & healthcare specialists post regularly on all kinds of topics. They’re available to answer your questions too.

Test new products

Our supplements, pads and liners were all co-created with our community - join us and get involved with future products.

Feel safe

Our community is for women only and is monitored carefully by our team for anything that goes against our values.

And more...

Competitions, give-aways and get-togethers – there’s lots going on, and all kinds of ways to get involved.

In good company

Don’t just take our word for it – hear how the Jude community has changed real women’s lives in big (and little) ways.

Join the community

We create products with you

We want our products to make a real difference to people’s lives, so we get our community involved from the very start. With your help, we test, tweak then test again.

The Jude process, step by step

Our co-creation process continues until we hit life-changing status. We’re not satisfied with average (and we don’t want you to be, either).


Working with our amazing green suppliers, we develop new bladder-care products using innovative, sustainable materials.


We test our samples in the lab against industry leaders. If we’re confident they perform better, we ask our community to test them in real life.


You try the samples in real life, then give us your honest opinion. What did you love? What could be better? What should we tweak?


We brief the suppliers on how to adapt and improve the samples. When they have new ones for us to try, the process repeats until we’re ready to launch.

Join the community

Made with you

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Clinically proven to improve bladder strength, day and night.

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Everyday Pads

Ultra-thin, super-soft and fully-compostable. For medium leaks and trickles.

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All-day Liners

Odour-free, scrunch-free, worry-free. For the occasional sneeze or laughter-leak.

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