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The stuff no one talks about is all we talk about.

We’re Jude. We’re a healthcare company here to smash bladder taboos, open up conversations about incontinence and help you get on with life, leak-free.

We co-create

Designed and tested by our community, our bladder-care essentials have been life-changing for thousands of women.

We listen

We offer free weekly discussions with medical specialists to introduce you to options you may not know about.

We talk

Our community is a safe space to share self-care tips and health hacks. Whatever you’re too embarrassed to mention, we’re already talking about.

Bladder care isn’t mainstream

We’re thrilled that periods and the menopause are finally being spoken about. So what’s the big deal with wee? That’s why we’re talking about it.

In the thousands of conversations we had while researching the topic, almost every person used the word ‘embarrassed’, with many saying they couldn’t even talk to their GP. We realised the UK has some major problems:

Bladder care is almost totally non-existent

No one talks about it. No one really knows how to help. No one realises there are preventative things you can do to stop it happening in the first place.

Treatment is too slow

It takes around six months to get an NHS diagnosis and 12 months to start any kind of non-surgical treatment. What are you meant to do in the meantime?

A weak bladder is seen as a normal part of ageing

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t have to be. We’re all told that childbirth and the menopause affect bladder strength, and while that might be true, it doesn’t have to be permanent.

So, we're changing it...

this is the Jude approach

Working with a team of leading doctors and gynaecologists, we’re here to tackle underlying issues – instead of just sticking a pad on the problem.

It’s why we use the words ‘bladder care’ instead of ‘incontinence’. And it’s why community and co-creation will always be central to our brand and philosophy. We’re not just about healthcare; we’re about people-care.

Better for your body, better for the planet

Bladder care in the UK is old-fashioned and outdated – fact. So to make sure we were creating products people would actually want to use, we got our community involved from the very start.

We also put sustainability and the environment at the centre of all we do, using green suppliers and processes at every stage. Unlike other incontinence pads, ours are fully compostable and gone within 100 days.

Planet friendly
Green supplier

Meet the Jude team

We’re a mixed bunch , all united by a common goal of getting bladder care out in the open.

Peony Li

Founder and CEO of Jude

"Putting bladder care into the mainstream."

Dr Masarat Jilani

Jude's resident doctor

"Passionate about patient-centred, evidence-based bladder care."

Philippa Morgan


"I lead on all things operational, making sure we deliver the best service for our customers."

Emily Bogie

Customer Experience

"I ensure that our customers receive the best service, from start to finish on their bladder care journey."

Tessa Owens


"I run and moderate our private Facebook community, and interact daily with our lovely community members."

Meet our medical board

Making sure Jude is safe and delivers the results we promise.

Andrew Vallance-Owen MBE

Trained as a medical doctor and surgeon before going on to be Group Medical Director of Bupa. Currently Chief Medical Officer of the Medicover Group and chairman of the Private Healthcare Information Network. MB ChB, Medicine.

Professor Leena Pradhan-Nabzdyk, PhD, MBA

Assistant Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical with extensive experience in cardiovascular health, diabetes and allied areas. Expert in functional foods and is currently the CEO of Canomiks. Offers evidence based insights into all things supplement related. PhD Pharmacology.

Jai Seth, FRCS (Urol)

Consultant urological surgeon who specialises in managing urinary continence issues. Co-leads the urodynamic, female urology and neuro-urology service at St George's Hospital and provides support for the bladder management of patients at the Royal Hospital for Neurodisability. MD, MS, MBBS, MRCS in Urology.

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