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Bladder leak protection for life’s trickly moments

If you experience bladder leaks, you’ll know just how much of a lifesaver incontinence pads can be. But here at Jude, we realised most incontinence products on the market simply aren’t good enough — so we decided to do something about it.

We’re really excited to finally be bringing bladder care into the mainstream and launch the Jude Bamboo All-day Liners and Bamboo Everyday Pads.

At Jude we don’t believe bladder leaks are just something you should “put up with”, so we co-created our pads and liners with the Jude community, thoroughly testing and improving so they’re unlike any other incontinence pad you’ve tried before. 

Ultra-discreet, wafer-thin, highly absorbent, and most of all, comfortable to wear: they’re the next best thing to no leaks at all.

Jude's Everyday Pad for incontinence. Thinner, comfier, more human.

Incontinence pads that are actually comfortable to wear

There’s nothing worse than being constantly aware you’re wearing a pad. And you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort just because you have bladder issues! 

Jude pads and liners have been designed to fit with your life so it feels like you’re not wearing a pad at all — whether you want protection from light leaks with our All-Day Liners, or want total peace of mind from heavier leaks with our Everyday Pads

The All-day Liners and Everyday Pads are just 1mm and 2mm thick respectively, making them the thinnest on the market. And thanks to a super soft corn-based top layer, they’re breathable and gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin. 

So you can go about your day wearing your favourite underwear, yoga leggings, or dress, without a care in the world. 

How Jude's ultra-thin incontinence pads compare with competitor pads

Super absorbent and odour-eliminating

Jude’s incontinence pads and liners also lock in liquid in record time, keeping you dry and odour-free all day.

Whether you’re in a meeting or running errands, you won’t have to stop everything because of a soggy bottom. 

Our pads and liners have been third-party tested in a lab to see how they compare with other brands. The results? Our Everyday Pads are 6.2 times more absorbent and 6.5 times drier. Our All-day Liners are 3.5 times faster at absorbing leaks, keeping you 11.2 times drier.

The odour-neutralising hydrogel layer even kills 99.9% of E. coli (the bacteria that causes UTIs) and other bacteria instantly, preventing unwanted smells from interrupting your day.

Better for your body and the planet

Did you know the average disposable pad can take up to 600 years to decompose?

When we developed our pads and liners, we knew we wanted them to be better for the environment — not just your body. 

Any step towards sustainability is a step in the right direction, however small. That’s why our pads and their packaging are made from plastic-free, plant-based materials (like bamboo, corn starch, and wood pulp), and we only work with eco-friendly suppliers. Learn more about our sustainability efforts

Ready to try them for yourself? Shop our All-day Liners and Everyday Pads. Not sure which one to go for? Try Jude’s Bladder Care Starter Kit, which includes samples of the All-day Liners and Everyday Pads, along with Jude’s Bladder Care Handbook

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