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Kate Dyson


Kate is a content specialist who is passionate about women's health. She's also mum to three kids, two dogs and unsurprisingly, a lover of wine.

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For words you might want to know more

Bladder Irritants

Refers to the inflammation or discomfort experienced in the bladder due to various factors such as acidic foods or artificial additives, leading to symptoms like urgency and frequency of urination.

Fluid Management

The strategic approach of limiting and balancing fluid intake before and during travel to reduce the urgency and frequency of restroom visits.

Discreet Assistance

Informing flight attendants or travel companions about incontinence needs to ensure quick access to restrooms and additional support during the trip.

8 Tips to help you travel with confidence while managing incontinence

Do you feel daunted about travelling if you are experiencing leaks and need-to-go urgency? For those of us dealing with incontinence, the prospect of long journeys by plane, train, or car can mean it feels easier to stay close to home - but we are missing out on experiences and memories as a result. We've got 8 practical tips that can help you manage leaks and incontinence on a long journey so you can enjoy holidays and travel at your leisure with confidence:

Plan, plan, plan!

Preparation is key when it comes to managing incontinence while travelling, whether plane, train or car, so before you set off, make sure that you take some time to plan your journey and what you'll need during your trip.

Depending on your leaks, make sure that you pack a 'grab bag' with essential supplies. Pads, leakproof pants, spare knickers, maybe even spare bottoms if you worry you'll need them. Having these easily to hand can give you some peace of mind.

Also add in a couple of waterproof bags that you can pop soiled items into and wash when you get to your destination. A little comfort bag of wipes, hand sanitiser, and gloves should you need them can also be helpful for quick refreshes, and help you manage things with discretion.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

Where you sit can make a big difference in your comfort during a long journey, so if you get the opportunity to choose your seat when booking your ticket, here's our tips.

On a plane, opt for an aisle seat at the front of the plane near the bathroom if possible - not having to climb over other passengers will be a godsend if you feel the need to dash to the loo! Here's a little pro-tip: the loos at the front of the plane are often used less than the back so your wait time might be less! Being near the front will also help when it comes to arriving at your holiday destination, as you'll be off the plane quicker.

If you find that stress is often a trigger for your bladder leaks, choose priority boarding if it's available. This will reduce your queuing time, and give you the chance to settle and get yourself organised before takeoff without that horrid feeling of being overwhelmed and rushed that often happens when we fly.

If you are travelling by train, again, pick a seat close to the toilet carriage. Many trains have designated seats for passengers with needs, which may offer more space and easier access to facilities if appropriate for your needs. Travelling by car? Plan the route with regular stops at rest areas or service stations where you can use the loo and go everytime you stop.

Importantly, if you feel comfortable to do so communicating your needs with those you are travelling with can ease your worries hugely - when loved ones or friends know how to help they are usually only too happy to accommodate and you won't feel uncomfortable asking them to move to let you past again, or ask for a comfort break on the road.

Drink mindfully before and during your journey

As you know, Team Jude are always very keen that we keep hydrated for our bladders, but sometimes we need to manage our fluid intake and choose our drinks wisely while travelling.

Avoiding drinks that can increase urine production, such as coffee, tea, and alcohol will mean that your bladder is triggered less and leaks are less likely. It's important that you stay hydrated, so take take small sips of water during your journey - as we know, dehydration can worsen incontinence, so it’s important to strike a balance. Try to avoid gulping water as this can send us dashing for the loo!

Whatever mode you are travelling, drinking mindfully will help you manage stops for the loo and leaks during the journey.

Dress for the journey

Consider what you wear to travel in - ideally, we want light, comfortable clothing that is supportive and easy to move in - but that's the case for everyone, right?

Clothing that applies pressure on your bladder or tummy is best saved for when you arrive on holiday, so look out for comfortable pull on trousers that are loose fitting, and can be quickly pulled down if you are feeling the need-to-go!

Jude's Leakproof Pants are a great support for long journeys as they provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, allowing you to relax and enjoy your journey.

Make sure to go to the loo before you leave

Evoking memories of when we were kids and our parents saying "do you need the loo before we leave? Go now, go on!", visiting the loo before you start out on your journey will help you feel relaxed as you set off.

There are loos right up to the gate at most airports, so give yourself plenty of time for boarding so you can visit the loo 'one last time' before take off. The same applies if you are travelling by train or car, and it can help reduce the need for those dashes during the journey.

Pee correctly when you go to the loo

So many of us don't pee properly to fully empty our bladders, and it's an important part of managing incontinence while travelling - but how?

Simply, every time you visit the loo, make sure that you sit with your feet flat on the floor and lean forward, so that your elbows rest on your knees. Don't rush your pee, allow it come at it's own pace, and as the flow lessens, rock your body gently back and forth to nudge any last trickles out.

This is advice for life, not just travelling!

Try Jude's Supplements before you travel

If you are struggling to manage leaks and need-to-go urgency, managing your bladder care

Most of us forward plan a holiday, so there is plenty of time to start taking a supplement for your bladder, such as Jude's Bladder Control Supplement! With results in just 12 weeks, you can feel reassured and confident to travel by starting as soon as your booking is finalised and the countdown to sunshine starts! Before starting any new supplement regimen, consult with your healthcare provider to ensure it’s appropriate for your condition.

Finally, talk about it!

Easier said than done, right?

The reality is that when those around you know that you have a need, they are more than willing to help accommodate it and make sure that you are comfortable.

On a plane, flight attendants are trained to assist passengers with various needs. By informing them of your condition, they can provide discreet assistance and help you access the restroom quickly if needed. They may offer additional support, such as notifying you when the restroom is vacant or allowing you to use a restroom designated for crew members. If you feel awkward telling people, you can get an 'I can't wait' card from Bowel & Bladder Community that you can simply show the attendants who will then be able to help.

On a train, the staff can also assist you with access to restrooms and provide support if needed. If you are travelling by car, tell those you are with that you'll need to stop regularly so that you can plan the journey together.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Attendants and companions are there to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the journey.

Don't let leaks and need-to-go urgency hold you back and stop you enjoying travel and holidays. With proper planning, the right supplies, and a few strategic choices, you can and will be able to enjoy your sunshine break .

Jude’s clinically proven supplements give you better bladder and pelvic floor control, helping you sleep through the night and regain the freedom to live life on your own terms. With just one capsule morning and night, you'll have relief from need-to-go urgency in just 12 weeks.

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