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5 Tips for postpartum pelvic health

It's no shock that pregnancy and birth can have a significant impact on our pelvic floors - but how can we look after ourselves better in the postpartum period when it already feels like our bodies have gone through a fast spin cycle?

We reached out to Emma Brockwell, who is a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist, author and co-host of At Your Cervix for her top 5 tips for healing and nurturing our pelvic floors in the postpartum period.

1. Pelvic floor exercises Whether you have had a vaginal delivery  or c-section, whether you have pelvic floor symptoms or you don’t, pelvic floor exercises are super important for every new mum! They will help prevent pelvic floor dysfunction and treat them too! Best time to start is straight after you have had your baby (so long as catheter has been removed)! Initially try little and often every day and build up from there

2. Rest and sleep! I know easier said than done but sleep is such an important part of healing and recovery! Try and reduce caffeine intake after midday, ditch the blue light at night and if you can’t sleep in the day remember rest is golden too ️

3. Drink plenty of fluid and eat well: A good diet and fluid intake will support your healing. It will also help reduce the chances of you experiencing constipation which is important to avoid to support your Pelvic health

4. Scar massage: If you have experienced a vaginal tear / cut or c section then scar massage is recommended! Make sure the scar has healed (usually around 6-8 weeks) first. Start by touching the scar and the area around it and build up to moving  and massaging the tissue

5. See a pelvic health physio! Having a baby is a major life changing event and we want to see you to help you heal and nurture you! I’d recommend every woman see a PH physio and you can see us privately or ask your GP to refer you ️

This list isn’t exhaustive but it’s a good start! What else would you add?


Find more brilliant advice from Emma at @physiomum #whydidnoonetellme

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